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Glenn Fulk

Eva Franch
Stefan Roeschert
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Submission Deadline: 12 December 2012



Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival and Papa Westray (Papay) are proud to announce First Open International Architectural Competition "BONFIRE" - grassroots celebration of an ancient tradition of Bonfires and new ideas in architecture.

BONFIRE is architectural ideas competition and participants are invited to establish own limits and interpretation of Judges Statement, to present most inspiring, thoughts provoking and innovative architectural design.

Papa Westray (locally known as Papay) is 4 miles long and 1 mile wide and representing all Orkney in miniature: sea cliffs, sandy beaches, green undulating fields. The island has 7000 years of dramatic history of human inhabitation, fragile environment of the present and uncertainty of the future - the world in miniature, where new ideas can arrive and to be presented in greater clarity

At this stage no specific site for design proposals is defined and participants have opportunity and freedom to explore our island (please use Google map for information) and suggest the site, or to focus on the BONFIRE design itself

In global scale we hope the competition will contribute to the debate about tradition and present role of an architect. Also such debate can be important in local scale as an opportunity to address issues of heritage and landscape with a help of most bright and adventurous architectural minds, to give confidence in interaction with an ancient landscape and heritage applying new architectural, technological and philosophical ideas

We are expecting a great variety and quality of architectural ideas to promote through BONFIRE publications and travelling exhibitions; and looking forward to bring the winning BONFIRE design(s) to the completion for February 2014 and our following events

We'd like to say thank you to our judges and to everyone who is contributing to the competition
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival   "bonfires are the very blood of Orcadians. The ritual bonfire goes back to the very beginnings of our history and even before."

In days gone by, four times every year, hilltops across Orkney blazed with orange firelight.

Giant bonfires were constructed and lit to commemorate the ancient festivals of Yule, Beltane, Johnsmas (midsummer) and Hallowmas (Halloween).


Daniel Holguin (born in 1970, Mexico City is a New York-based  licensed architect, principal and founder of *MULTIPLICITIES who earned a Master's Degree from Columbia University.
Prior to founding *MULTIPLICITIES, Daniel worked for multiple celebrated firms including Bernard Tschumi Architects, TEN and Rockwell Group where he continues to be an Associate Senior Designer / Consultant.
The list of projects he has worked on includes the celebrated new Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, the Linder Athletic Center at the University of Cincinnati, the Museum for African Arts in New York as well as the Expo Image in Paris for BTA.  He also worked on the proposed Harlem Park skyscraper, the Free Library of Philadelphia and a collaboration between Daniel Libeskind and Rockwell Group for the multi-billion dollar project named City Center/Crystals in Vegas.
He also collaborated for the recently opened W OPERA Hotel in Paris as well as High end hospitality and retail projects around the world.
He was selected by Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei and Herzog and de Meuron Architects to participate in the ORDOS 100 project in Inner Mongolia, China.
Daniel has extensive experience working with a broad range of clients and building typologies and scales.  In addition to his residential clients, he has worked with developers of various project types with  MGM and Starwood Hotels' W brand as well as institutional clients including universities, museums and libraries.

Glenn Fulk (born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is a principal of *MULTIPLICITIES who earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia and a Master's degree from Columbia University.
Prior to joining *MULTIPLICITIES, Glenn worked for Cunningham and Quill Architects, Rogers Marvel Architects, Arnell Group, Lindy Roy's office, ROY and at Rockwell Group.
Among the projects he has worked on is the new playground initiative called Imagination Playground, for which he served as the project manager and project architect for its first outpost in Lower Manhattan. Additionally, he has been instrumental on projects from the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK Airport, the North American stores for L’Oreal Paris, the Studio Museum in Harlem, multiple residential projects in New York, North Carolina and Washington, DC, proposals and competitions for large scale urban design schemes, libraries, museums and theater complexes in Connecticut, Atlanta and New York as well as hospitality projects for W Hotels, Waldorf Astoria and Chambers Hotels

Eva Franch was born in Catalonia in 1978, and is an architect, founder of the Barcelona based OOAA (office of architectural affairs) and Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. Franch studied at TU Delft, at ETS Arquitectura Barcelona where she graduated with honors and at Princeton University. Franch   is   a La Caixa fellow and received   the FAD prize for emerging Catalan architects, a Pasajes-iGuzzini prize, a Dragados Foundation prize and she has been a fellow at Schloss Solitude. Franch   has taught at UB as the Peter Reyner Banham Fellow and at Rice University as the Master Thesis Studio Director. Franch’s work has been exhibited at the Center for Architecture NY, Korean Institute of Architects in Daegu, NAI Rotterdam and Shenzen Biennale of Architecture, among others. Franch  has been a visiting critic to schools worldwide and lectured internationally

Stefan Roeschert (Stefan Röschert) currently works as a consultant to investors in real estate in Berlin, Basel and Zurich after having collaborated with Diller Scofidio & Renfro, SOM and Ateliers Jean Nouvel as project manager and running his own firm – urbanautics – in the branding world in New York. Stefan is a regular studio critic at various universities; he has lectured at numerous institutions and his work has been published widely. Educated in Berlin, Paris and Zurich, he received his Diplom-Ingenieur from the Technical University of Berlin, his Master of Science from Columbia University and is currently working towards his MBA. He has been the recipient of several prizes, amongst others the AIA Honor & Merit Award 2011, the Progressive Architecture Award 2010, the NEA Grant 2010, the Briand Stresemann scholarship, and the Erwin Stephan award.

Molly Heintz is the managing director and co-founder of Superscript, an editorial consultancy focused on architecture and design projects. She is a contributing editor at The Architect’s Newspaper, where she has also held the post of managing editor, and her writing has appeared in Fast Company, The Art Newspaper, Giornale dell’Architettura, and the Journal of Decorative Arts, among other publications. With Chee Pearlman, she co-edited Spectacle by David Rockwell and Bruce Mau (Phaidon 2006) about the design of larger-than-life events around the globe, and with Superscript she is currently editing books on architecture and graphic design. She is an active member of the communications committee for the non-profit desigNYC, and she helped develop the new Architecture + Media event series hosted by the Center for Architecture in New York. Molly received an MFA in Design Criticism at the School of Visual Arts and an MA in History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University, where she is completing a PhD.


Some say the world will end in celestial fire, consummating a cycle of genesis and ruin, which will reveal its potential toward the end of our days. But just as a flame can lick at a leaf of paper, smoldering ash will always result.

This most volatile and dynamic force of nature we’ve attempted to tame, even harness the power of fire, and corral its irreversible tendency towards chaos. Its unstable kinetic energy unites us and simultaneously tears us apart.

In societies throughout man's history, fire has attained a mythic status. Fire is analogous to politics and our understanding of the tenuous ties that bind societies through economics, religion, the environment or science. The Arab Spring provided the impetus for the rebirth of dormant societal structures, sprung forth from an act of incendiary protest. The self- immolation of a Tunisian vendor led to the awakening of nations in consequence toppling their governments, and promoted political consciousness amongst the people of nations throughout the globe against their supposed leaders. From the Burning of Judas to the Yule, Beltane, Johnsmas and Hallowmas bonfires, we continue to revisit the mythologies and rituals that revolve around a flame.

We request the presence of your fire! If natural law has been increasingly disclosed by the pursuit of scientific investigation, but science is still bound by natural law, how can you construct your scientific experiment into the innate architectural qualities of a controlled and manipulated fire?

Being fully aware of the fact that the attempt to control subversive disorder can easily be considered a foolish endeavor, can one nevertheless master the challenge to create a bonfire where one determines the point at which it descends into chaos evolving into a emergent unfolding design? The

Bonfire Competition objective is:

To construct and combust a fire at Orkney’s festivities.

To use fire as that which sustains - a unique combination of constructed order and combustible disorder: Conception vs. Destruction.

To be cognizant of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, reinforcing the intrinsic link between entropy and architecture.

To take into account the chief principals: Scale, Multiple levels of intensity and materials.

To consider the history, culture and uniqueness of the Orkney Islands, their location at the top of the world - a place of alternating midnight suns and reigning darkness - lending special meaning to fire from the beginnings of the Orkney civilization to the present.

To go through the process of building a fire, to building a building with and for fire and all of its attendant meanings and myths.

To honor the fire that burns in your mind recognizing that death is an endless birth.


BONFIRE Competition is open to Architects and Students of Architecture worldwide.

To register for BONFIRE competition, please email following information to

- name(s)
- occupation
- contact details: address, telephone number, email

Your registration number and email address for your submission will be issued to you by email after the registration

SUBMISSION (by email only)


One A2 sheet, Landscape Format (420×594 mm / 16.5×23.5 inches)
File Format: High-Quality jpeg
300dpi (7016×4961 pixels) / 150dpi (3508x2480 pixels)
Plan(s), elevation(s), section(s) in any scale + any other supporting visual, or text information

One video file of the proposal's model / animation:
File Format: MPEG4, WMV, MOV, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI
no longer then 4min (no sound, except if the sound is an essential part of the design)

Text in English ( design explanation - 300 words maximum - can be part of your submission email )

One A4 sheet, Landscape Format (210×297mm /8.3×11.7 inches)
File Format: High-Quality jpeg
300dpi (3508×2480 pixels) / 150dpi (1754×1240 pixels)
One video still / frame for print


Your email’s subject: “BONFIRE _ YOURNUMBER”.

The registration number must be used to name your submission files:

Your email should include the following information:
- your registration number
- design explanation - maximum 300 word
- One A2 image file (drawings) .jpeg
- One video file
- One A4 image file (video still) .jpeg


BONFIRE Competition Entries must have been never made public in any form previously.
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival reserves publication rights with regard to all entries.
The work must not in any way to infringe anybody’s copyrights.


Registration Deadline: 11 December 2012, GMT
Submission Deadline: 12 December 2012, 18:00 GMT


There is no Entry Fee, but donations from participants and supporters towards Jackpot Prize are welcome

Donate via PayPal,
or by cheque written to “Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival Ltd” marked "BONFIRE"



Results will be announced in February 2013 at the special ceremony during Papay Gyro Nights 2013 Art Festival in Papa Westray, Orkney

All entries will be published on competition website
Winning, shortlisted and selected enties will be published in competition's catalogue

21-28 February 2013 - Papay Gyro Nights 2013 Art Festival, Orkney
March 2013 - Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York
and Papay Gyro Nights 2013 Touring Exhibitions in Hong Kong and Berlin (dates and other venues will be announced later)

Winning entry(s) will be invited for further design development and completion for Papay Gyro Nights 2014 Art Festival


BONFIRE Competition Jackpot Prize is a prize raised through participants and private donations and sponsors contributions.

The Prize(s) will be allocated at the discretion of the Judges.

The amount of the Jackpot Prize will be announced together with the competition results.


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